The Three Ways to Cloud Compute


SAAS – Software as a Service

Best Part

  1. Accessible from anywhere through internet
  2. Good for the collaborative environment
  3. Subscription basis can save cost instead of investing a huge money
  4. Reduce Infrastructure Cost, Maintenance Cost, etc.

Need to Think

  • Genric Application sometimes not suitable for all business
  • But can be archive though customized plugin

PAAS – Platform as a Service

Provide environment and tools for creating new online application

Example: Google App Engine, Iphone IOS, Microsoft Azure Platform

Best Part

  • Rapid development at low cost
  • Private and public deployments

Need to Think

  • Limited developer to provider languages and tools
  • Risk of vendor lock-in

IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service

Allow existing applications to sun on a cloud’s hardware

Example- Shared hosting.