Improving the Daily Scrum

Few important points

  1. Time Start at: 10.00 AM (Not 10.02 AM); Scrum meetings wait for no one.
  2. Three Key Questions:
    1. “What did you do since the last meeting?”
    2. “What are you going to do until the next meeting?”
    3. “What impedes you from being more productive?”
  3. Concentrate on the second and third question, not on the first one.
  4. Standup means stand up, no sitting, really. except medical conditions.
  5. Stand in front of the visual progress artifact.
  6. Everybody should be present except medical conditions.
  7. No typing.  
  8. Daily standup is for synchronizing between the team members, not between Scrum Master and the team. If team members start behaving as they are reporting to Scrum Master, he can start literally looking at another person or even walk away a little. Such small tricks are often able to confirm that daily Scrum is for the team members and not for the Scrum Master


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